Monday, December 23, 2013

Joyeux Noel!

Well, it's been a really good week! Really Christmas-y, and just lots of good stuff going on. Just for sake of time, and since I'm gonna be talking to you guys in just a couple days, I'm gonna keep this relatively short.

Catacombs of Paris - Creepy but Cool
Last week after I emailed, we went to the Catacombs. Most people don't get to do that until the end of their mission because it's closed on Mondays. With P-day on Tuesday, we were there! As you can see in the pictures, it's a pretty creepy place. Super super cool though. Just tons of tunnels of tons of bones. :)

Paris from High on a Hill

Beyond that, it was pretty much a normal week up until Thursday when we had our exchange. I was with Elder Sughroue again. He's a really good guy, and we had a really good exchange. Between what we did and what Elder Alexander and Elder Wells did, we had 6 different appointments scheduled for Friday! It was a super crazy day. Most of them were in this really tall building up on the hill (where I got some of those really cool landscape pictures from. You can get really good pictures of the Eiffel Tower from up there). A couple of them kind of stood us up, but it turned out to be a good day.

Between weekly planning and church, not a whole lot of time for "real" missionary work the last couple days. Even today got so messed up that we had to do our emails later.

Adam and his new companion Elder Alexander
Classic Black and White Paris Photo

Who wouldn't smile with that in the background?
We went to the Champs Elysses today, and checked out some of the crazy shops. I saw two more Ferraris, bringing the mission total up to 6! :) After that, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower for some Christmas-y shots with our Santa hats, which, as you can see, turned out pretty good. We also found the long bridge tunnel thing from Inception (make sure to show Tyler, he'll recognize it right away I bet). And the one of me doing a thumbs up is basically perfect Christmas card material. :) 

The Inception Tunnel
        Two Thumbs Up for Christmas in Paris

So, sorry the letter is kind of lame this week, but I figure I'll be able to talk a lot on Christmas. :) I love you guys and I'll talk to you in a couple days. :)

Elder Bigler

P.S. A Special Message from the Missionaries in Paris.  Just follow this link: Merry Christmas from Paris and a Special Christmas Song: Silent Night, Sung in French

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