Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring is Here!

Hey! Sounds like Spring Break went pretty well in good ol' AF, with a thunderstorm and everything to keeps things lively. :) The week here was kind of like that, except minus the thunderstorm and really minus any change in the weather at all. So actually not like that. ;) It's been really beautiful weather in Calais since Elder Perry got here. It's like he brought the sun with him from Tahiti, as we always say to the members. :) Seriously though, it's only rained 1 days this whole transfer, a veritable drought compared to the 40 days it rained last transfer. Calais has started to brighten up, with flowers a lot more common, a lot more people outside, and many less days spent wearing big black coats as the French do. 

Train Ride to Boulogne 
This week, although still tough, as Calais is, was a lot like the weather. We were able to officially start teaching Alexi, David's son, who is really awesome! He's seriously super prepared, and is just dying to get taught by us. :) Wednesday we were able to make a short trip down south to Boulogne to visit Louis (he had said that he would be busy that day, but we felt like we should go anyway. Surprise, surprise, we called when we got there and he came right away to pick us up!) Super awesome dude. He's gonna be a little trickier to work with because he isn't married to his "wife" and he wants to get baptized as a family, despite the fact that she isn't super interested in the religious aspect of our religion (confusing to me...), just the way we feel about families. 

Thursday we had a soirée familiale with the Gressier's, David, and his son. Super great evening! Some highlight quotes from Alexi (roughly translated into English): "Back in September when my dad started meeting with you guys is when everything started to go better for him", "So, should I stop drinking coffee now?", "I already decided that I don't want to date until I'm 16", and a bunch of sweet stuff like that! He's 15, remember. So awesome. 

Friday was a boring day. :)

Saturday we had the Soirée Orientale (Ward Party), which was a surprisingly large success considering that no one even knew what time it started... We, the missionaries, did a "talent". For that, we chose to perform THE HAKA, taught to us by Elder Perry. Yep. Don't worry, we think a member got a video of it, so you might be able to see it. :) It was a pretty fun night overall. We had to leave before it over, which was good considering that it went on until 11:30!

Sunday was pretty relaxing, as far as a missionary Sunday goes. It was really pretty outside and Elder Perry and I stopped as the sun was going down to get some pretty cool pictures. :)

Sunset in Calais

I'm a little short for time today, so I'll have to say goodbye for now. I love you all and hope you have a good week going back into the final stretch of school! Work hard and have fun!


Additional Photos from Adam this Week

Let Your Light Shine
Taking in the Sunset in Calais

The View from the Train Going to Boulogne

The Train Station in Boulogne

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