Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Letter Week


Well, after about ten minutes of sitting here trying to decide what to write this week, I figured I'd just try to do what my English teachers always counseled and just start writing and kind of typing out my thoughts until something good comes out. This week was another kind of slow week, and we spent a bunch of time at the church because Elder Lloyd is starting some college application stuff, and that takes a bunch of time. It gets in the way of working a little, but it's just one of those things we have to put up with sometimes. I've had a lot of opportunities to play the piano at the church though, and that's always a really relaxing thing. I'm actually starting to get some hymns down now!

Anyway, let me get down to business here. I thought I'd share the story of David from this week. So, rewind back two weeks to the end of the Celtic Festival. The last night as we were walking home, a little sad that the big exciting festival was ending, we decided to stop and talk to this young guy playing his guitar kind of on his own. After a couple minutes, Elder Lloyd was playing and singing a little, and a few minutes later we explained who were were and what we do and left him a card without expecting too much from it. Then, 8 days later, we got a call from someone asking if we could come and play guitar again in Lorient! One of those things that really just doesn't happen too often. So, without even really knowing who we were meeting, we headed down into the centreville of Lorient (like, the middle of the town where all the shops are) and found him there, and, to our surprise, it was our friend from the last night of the festival! We ended up chilling with him for a while and eventually bringing up the Gospel (it's kind of our thing ;) ), and he was actually super open! He's a 25 year old guy, who currently doesn't have anything to do with his life (it's vacances), who has a car, and who really seems to be searching for something. We met with him a couple days later and invited him to come to the church for our next rendez-vous, since we have a piano there, so we can kind of play on that too. We feel like he has some real potential!

I'm sorry that it's so short this week, but I probably should get going. Thanks for all the love from home and the letters! Keep up the good work at school!

Elder Bigler

Frenchism: I might have mentioned this before, but most French people actually kind of hate Paris. For the most part, they're really relaxed people, and the business of Paris doesn't go very well with that.

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