Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wéi geet et dir? (Luxembourgish for "How are you"?)

Hey everybody!

So, I've gotta keep this really short today. It's been a crazy couple of days here, and yesterday just got a little out of our hands and we didn't have time for our emails. I wish I had more time to write because this week was really a week full of miracles here in Lorient. One evening, we went to give a blessing to one of our amis' sons, who recently found out that he has cancer in his throat. After that super spiritual experience, we had three more unplanned lessons consecutively before finishing the evening. It was an amazing evening.

The main reason I'm taking a few minutes to do this is just to let you guys know about the transfers. I'll be leaving Lorient, which, as usual, is sad and exciting at the same time. But, I'm super excited because I get to have the new experience, and very rare one in our mission, of serving in Luxembourg!

That's right, I'll be leaving France for a little bit, and going to a country where French is the 3rd language taught in their schools, after Luxembourgish and German. I'll let you guys do all the google searching and stuff. From what I've heard, it's going to be a big change from France. Part of what makes this so unique is that, first off, there is only one équipe (companionship) of missionaries in all of Luxembourg. Granted, the whole country is about the size of Rhode Island. But on top of that, the missionaries that usually serve there are those called to our mission Spanish speaking. When I got here, I pretty much had decided that I would never serve in Luxembourg, it's so unlikely. But, it looks like the Lord wants to further diversify my mission. So, on y va (let's go).

Have a good week!

Elder Bigler

Some Fun Google Facts About Adam's Transfer

The Train Ride

7 Hours and 9 Minutes by Train
Distance - 862 Km = 536 Miles

Luxembourg is a Tri-Lingual Country.
Luxembourgish, French and German are its official languages.

Population = 524,853 in 2012

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