Monday, November 17, 2014

Sacrament Meeting in Five Languages

Hey everyone!

It sounds like you all had a busy week, while Elder Gomez and I were pretty much just stuck in our apartment most of the week, until Thursday at least. We had been feeling bad off and on and eventually got well enough to meet one of our amis named Juan for a few minutes. While we were out, we met a couple from Draper who offered to buy us lunch! Of course, the one time when we're not feeling like eating anything at all, we get offered food... Unfortunately, we had to turn them down, but we really appreciated their offer.

Thursday we finally set back out to work and had a rendezvous with Du Wei, a member of our ward from Hong Kong. To our surprise, he had invited his dad, who's not a member, to the rendezvous! He had to translate everything that we said, but it ended up working really well!

Friday was pretty much normal until our rendezvous with Ramiro in the evening. We had worked it out so that he was coming to dinner with us to Miriam's house, a Spanish speaking member. As far as I could tell, the whole thing went pretty well, but it was all in Spanish, and I'm still not really up to par with my Spanish comprehension. He really likes what we have to teach, but we're worried that he's not really searching for a religion, but just knowledge that he can use to answer his questions. But we're always able to answer his questions and he's really open with us. He brought up the polygamy thing all on his own, and we were able to resolve his concerns about all that. 

Saturday was much the same thing. We ended up with Paco's family for dinner, and it pretty much all took place in Spanish, with some French when they felt like I looked like I felt left out... But I can't complain, the food was delicious, since Paco used to be a chef in Spain and all. :)

Then Sunday came along, with all the usual craziness. Ramiro showed up to church even before our bishop. Sacrament meeting went well, being done in a total of 5 languages this week. The Gospel Principles class turned out to pretty much just be us and Ramiro, with our teacher being absent, so we taught for the first few minutes until Paul showed up to replace us. Priesthood was the most normal of the three meetings, being held in French and all. :) During sacrament meeting, to our surprise, Du Wei showed up, again with his Dad! He seems really excited to share the Gospel with him right now, which is awesome! I'll have to keep you posted on how it goes with the translation and all... The day and the week all ended with a nice dinner with the Elenes family, from America, who even gave us American Reese's for dessert! A good way to end a week, that's for sure. :)

Well, I think I'll leave things at that. Life seems to have slowed down a little bit here in Luxembourg, for the moment. This week, however, we'll be headed into Paris to hear from Elder Cook! We're going to have the entire mission together, something that we haven't done for about 3 years, so it's gonna be a good time. :)

Until next week, and I'll try to start up the Frenchism's again Brian, or maybe some Lux version this time. :)

Elder Bigler

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