Monday, January 19, 2015

One Simple Contact in the Rain

Hey guys!

I only have literally a couple minutes today, I got caught up emailing Carson (Hatch), who I guess has been home from his mission for a few weeks! It's cool to talk to an old friend in French. :)

Courtesy Luxembourg Tourist Office
This week things picked up even more! After our exchange in Metz, we went contacting out in the rain for a couple hours and there found a young man from Cameroon named Rigal. he seemed interested, but with the rain and everything we just got his number and went our separate ways. We called him the next day and set up a rendezvous for Saturday. We weren't sure if he would come or not, since that's often how it goes for first rendezvous, but he did! we caught a bus from there to the church and gave him a tour there and taught him the restoration. When we pulled out the pamphlets to start he said "Why didn't you give this to me before? I could have read it and been more prepared!" That was a really special moment for us that really showed us his desire to learn. After what was probably one of the most inspired and smooth lessons on the restoration either of us had ever taught, we invited him to church and he came yesterday! We'll be seeing him again this wednesday and hoping that he can keep learning and coming to church. It was truly a miracle for us to see all of our weeks and weeks of work come into fruition like that, through one simple contact in the rain that introduced us to Rigal. 

Overall, things are going really well here in Luxembourg. I'm kind of feeling like i'm gonna get transferred soon here, and I'm gonna be really sad to leave. It's been such a fun ride here. But I'm always excited and looking forward to what the future has to hold for me!

Elder Bigler camera's dead, so no picture's this week...SO sorry. I have one of me with a Lamborghini I think you guys will like. ;) Until next week!

And a Quick Email Exchange Between Adam and His Mom

Adam:Just to quickly answer your questions (cause I ALWAYS forget):

If you could meet with them, the White's I believe, I would really like to have 

Yeah, I got my package from Grandma! It was super nice of her, and I've already eaten everything. :) And I really like the fuzzy socks she sent me for wearing around the apartment. :)

Yeah, let me know about that Kalin thing, that's crazy!

The sales ARE happening, just on a German schedule here, but it's basically the same. I could use a little bit of money, just cause there are a couple little things I want, but what I'm really hoping is to just get a little bit of birthday money to use on my very last soldes right before I come home. Also, I don't remember the pin code for my card, so, could you get that to me somehow?

And really, I think I'm gonna be leaving here next transfer. The transfer day would be the 4th of February. I really hope I go to Belgium next, but I don't know if I'll be that lucky. Wherever I go, it'll probably be my last ville. 

And I'm mostly warm. This week I've been a little cold cause I left my coat with Sister Jalloh who is shortening my sleeves for me (those darn Bigler genes...). But I should be getting that back this week!

Mom: Dude!  You didn't finish your sentence!  If we see the White's you would really like to have......
What?!?  You would really like to have what?  Don't leave us hanging like that!  :)

Adam: I actually don't really know! Most things I want are here... A box of pop-tarts? I don't really need much... sister oates kind of thought that you had something really important to give to me, she felt really bad about not being able to get back to you in time. but really, I'm mostly okay...

Mom: Ok, now there is a brother discussion going on about what flavor of pop tarts you would like the best.  A little help here??

Adam: The double chocolate fudge ones I think? or cinnamon or cookie dough. something like that. Not cherry.

Mom: Nobody likes cherry.  Thanks.  have a great week!

And since there were no new photos from Adam, here's a couple we know he will enjoy.

The Brothers with a Ferrari
Utah Auto Show

Even Better was the BMW i8.
Adam would be jealous.

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