Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference and Easter Weekend

Hello family!

Interior of a Cathedral in Rennes
So, I'm kind of already out of time this week, but I want to try to get something good written out. Conference weekend was amazing, and we got to learn so much from everyone that spoke. I honestly never thought I would get that much out of it before. I remember being a kid and just wanting to play my Pokémon game on my Gameboy Color instead of listening to President Hinckley. You guys made me come sit down and put it down for a minute before I had time to save to listen to what he had to say. I don't remember at all what he said that day, but I do remember, on the other hand, that after he had spoken, my Gameboy, without saving, was dead! I really loved conference as a kid...

But I can see how much I've grown since those days. I really appreciate the opportunity we have to listen to such inspired, wise people. It's really such a powerful time. 

To keep things brief, I just wanted to explain the video I uploaded to dropbox. It kind of explains itself as I give a really awkward dialogue through the whole thing. It was last week at Saint Malo, the castle/city we went to. Right before the video, Elder Kelley had just run all the way back to the other side without me, leaving me stranded. We were all kind of panicking, the Zone Leaders even turned around halfway through the run across and went back, because the tide was coming in so fast. Needless to say, I got a little wet on the way back across. I wish I had taken a picture of myself, but I totally didn't think about it. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy it, although it's not quite as good as a nice long letter. :)  (The Video is posted along with the Facebook post for this letter.)

Mom, I really liked your letter this week! It honestly brought such a big smile to my face to hear your testimony of the Book of Mormon like that. I'm so thankful for all the blessings that our Heavenly Father gives us through our obedience. They don't always come in the way we expect them, but they always come. That's what I've really learned on my mission. How everything is predicated on this, the first law of heaven. I feel so happy when I'm obedient because I know that God is happy with me and that he will show that to me through blessing me and you guys, my family. It means so much to see his deep, infinite love, and know how much he wants to bless me, and each one of us. Easter has been such a wonderful time to reflect on that and feel his presence around me.

Well, I've really gotta get going. Hopefully I'll have a little more time next week to tell you about what I'm up to. :)

Thanks so much for all that you guys do for me! It's so wonderful to have a loving family back home supporting me. It's not something every missionary has, and something I don't thank you enough for. Tyler and Kevin, sorry I haven't really been able to reply to your emails very well lately, I'm just getting so busy! I hope you guys know how much I love you. You too Brian. :)

Okay, for real this time, I'm saying goodbye. :)

A la prochaine!
Elder Bigler


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