Monday, May 25, 2015

Good Week of Work and Zone Conference

Happy Memorial Day!

Here in France, today is Pentecost, which, for the French, pretty much just means yet another (this makes four) day out of the month that you don't have to work. They really like to take breaks here. :)

This week started off really well for us! After we finished our emails, Elder Kelley and I went to pass by some amis in the area we were in, and that worked out really well for us (meaning, they were actually home), and we were able to teach both of them. We had planned to do just that, and that planning really paid off, and we were able to start off the week feeling really good!

From then on, we really did our best throughout the week to plan effectively and thoroughly, so that we would be ready for appointments to fall through or even for different questions that our amis could potentially ask us. We've really been trying to refocus ourselves on what our investigators need, trying to take a step back and think about what's really holding them back. As we've done that, and set specific goals to help them get past these concerns, we've really started to see people grow.

Wednesday afternoon I had what was my second to last interview with Président Babin and his wife, leaving only the one that will take place in the mission home the night before I catch that plane. For us, "interviews" are really just a chance to talk to Président and to get to ask any questions that we may have, and to simply have that one on one time with our president that we really don't get very often with 250 missionaries. Usually, I come out of there feeling really uplifted and ready to work even more, feeling like I can do it and that I'm accomplishing something.

Rennes Zone Conference
Adam 3rd Row
The next day, Zone Conference was focused a lot more on the practical, tactical side of things, teaching skills and how to properly present a scripture and stuff like that, instead of our potential as missionaries, the power we are given, or the love that the Lord has for us.

The week went on after Zone Conference and we went right to work applying what they taught us, and really trying to effectively and thoroughly plan for our lessons. With Ward Council that night, we ended up at the church again, and happened to see that two more missionaries and our President and his wife were still there...turned out that their interview with Soeur Babin went on too long and they missed the last train of the evening home, so Président kindly gave all four of us a ride home and they (the other Elders) stayed the night with us and the APs, who were doing an exchange with the ZLs in our apartment. 

Yesterday at church we had a family from Australia visiting, and I got asked to translate for them, which is always a tiring the very end, during sacrament meeting, the high-councilor that was speaking gave one of the hardest to translate talks that I've ever heard! He kept starting a sentence and then changing subjects and then coming back, but from a different angle...basically, I just tried to give the general message to the family at that point. But they appreciated my efforts and thanked me at the end. :) 

Well, at this point I'm kind of just rambling about whatever comes into my mind...we made some super good pulled pork this last week, and that made some really good burritos. Um...I really don't know what else to say. My thoughts are pretty disorganized today, and I'm pretty tired. We played soccer this afternoon and it wore us all out I think. But it was tons of fun and hopefully it helps to get rid of the nice collar tan line that we're all getting. 

Anyway, I'm about out of time, so I'll say goodbye. I hope you guys have a great day driving around the state! I know that I used to always look forward to Memorial day for that big drive, even though I didn't always know where Snowville was... :) Tyler, have fun graduating from high school! You only get to do it once. Take tons of pictures, with everybody, lots of selfies if you have to! Make it a great week!

Elder Bigler

One more from Zone Conference

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