Monday, December 15, 2014

Change of Companions

Hey Family!

Christmas is coming fast, and it's really starting to show around here! Our chapel's got the Christmas tree set up, we had the ward Christmas party this week, and it's getting colder and colder. 

It was a pretty crazy week around here, with Elder Gomez saying his goodbyes and Elder Jenness starting to get to know everyone. We had a really good time Tuesday evening with all the young adults and Ramiro at institute, which just barely started up here. Despite the language barriers, Ramiro was excited and into it enough to participate and even play the guitar for everybody at the end. It was a really fun evening, and a nice way for Elder Gomez to spend his last night.

I really miss him, with the change in companions. He was a really fun guy and we had lots of fun together. It's pretty much always hard to change companions, and this is no exception. Elder Gomez and I got along really well by the end, and really understood each other, and it's hard to go from that to a new person who doesn't know the area or you. You have to start all over with that relationship. But at the same time, it's a great experience! Elder Jenness is a lot different from Elder Gomez, but he's exactly the kind of companion I need right now. As my mission wears on and my clothes wear out, having a companion that's only been out about 7 months and who has such a strong desire to be exactly obedient really is a good boost. I can feel the difference in energy levels between us, where he is just ready to go do work and I'm a little bit more laid back. At the same time, there are a few difficulties that arise with a younger companion like having different ways of working and different perspectives on how to treat people. I'm someone who really avoids any thing that could come across as offensive or cause an argument, but Elder Jenness is really a pretty direct, straightforward guy. So, it's gonna be a good 8 week transfer. A lot of hard work, which is exactly what I need, and a lot of opportunities to grow, which is also exactly what I need.

I've gotta keep things relatively short today, so I'll just have to end with letting you know that I went to the Gilstrap family's place yesterday, so you should be expecting a picture or something from Justin Nadauld. I'm really loving Luxembourg more and more every day, and I'm already fearing the day that I'm gonna have to leave... Keep your eyes out on the mail in the next week or so, there should be something coming your way, as well as something a couple days after Christmas. :)

I love you guys so much, keep feeling that Christmas spirit and sharing it too!
Elder Bigler

P.S. Sorry no pictures this week, I promise I'll have some next time!

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