Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Luxembourg!!

Hey again guys!

Christmas Day Skype with Adam

It feels like just the other day that I was back at home with you all for Christmas...or at least, it seemed like I was. :) It's crazy how you can just get transported all the way back home that quickly, and how I just feel like I'm sitting there in our living room talking to you all. An hour is never really enough, and I figure when I come home this next year that our first "real life skype" session will be a little bit longer than that. :)

Not a whole lot has really happened to tell you guys about since we talked on Thursday. After I hung up, I got to eat a delicious burrito made by the Gilstraps, and we talked with them for a little. Turns out their kids are doing basically exactly what I want to do, restoring one of the original Mini Coopers! I got to check it out before we left. They're such an awesome family, and they're just so kind.

Adam in the Snow
The day after Christmas, it was back to work for...only us. In Luxembourg, the day after is a holiday too and there was practically no one outside. To the point of almost creepy...but, we were out, talking to everybody we could until we went to the Ribeiro family's place in the evening. They were so nice, their daughter speaks 6 languages, and we had a pretty good time talking about Star Wars and college and stuff with them (they had been watching all the Star Wars movies that day).

Saturday and Sunday were full of pretty much the same thing, but this time with SNOW!!! It's been about 20 months since I had really seen snow, and let me tell you, I felt like a little kid all day. It was just so exciting and beautiful to see snow here in Luxembourg that I was like...giddy. And I got you guys lots of good pictures. :) I was telling you all how pretty it was before, well, it's even better with snow. :)

First Snow in 20 Months!
Ramiro was finally able to come to church again, although about half of our members were missing because of vacations and stuff. And thanks to all the snow, we were able to offer snow shoveling help to an elderly woman, who strongly said "oh no, this is my exercise for the day, no need" which gave us all a good little laugh, and then we were able to briefly share a little message with her. The snow just changes everything around here. 

Well, beyond that I don't have much else to say except that we got some really good exploring in today for Pday. Unfortunately, I'm typing on a german keyboard again, and it's pretty tricky, so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves on that one. :)

Have a good week! 
Elder Bigler

P-Day Exploring Photos and SNOW!!

Luxembourg Snowy Scenery

Frozen Fountain - Elsa??

Sun Coming Up with Snow on the Ground

Houses Along the Alzette River

Adam's Badge Overlooking Luxembourg

Snow Capped Luxembourg

Adam with a Snowy Luxembourg in the Background

Adam Overlooking Luxembourg

The Fortress Walls of the Ancient Luxembourg Castle

One of the Ancient Castles of Luxembourg
A Happy Adam in a Snow Covered Luxembourg

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