Monday, February 2, 2015

Server Down - Transferred??

Adam's email letter for this week never arrived.  From the Mother Buzz on Facebook, it appears there may have been some type of server issue. There were a number of comments from family members wondering where their weekly letter were.  Some were delayed a short time, others for a few hours. In the case of Adam's letter, we received this brief description of the photos he sent us on February 2, 2015. We often get a quick comment or answer to a question and then later we get the "official" weekly letter.  After this description, for today - Nothing.

We did learn from Facebook and Adam's first companion, Elder David Evans, that Adam is still in Luxembourg. We also heard from the Oates Family from Utah who is living in Luxembourg (and who brought us our Christmas surprise from Adam).  Sister Oates confirmed that Adam is still there - and being well fed by the members.

We are grateful for the magic of today's technology that, although there may be occasional Server Issues, there are still great people out there to provide an informational work-around to get us the information we were looking for.

Below are the photos and explanation email exchange with Adam and his Mom. And also the exchange from Sister Oates.

From: Adam Bigler
Sent: Mon, Feb 2, 2015 8:27 am

explaining pictures:

The cemetery, i realized I forgot to tell you about after I had already finished, is the national American cemetery of Luxembourg. It's not the same one as Elder Mosley had pictures of, it was just Elder Jenness and I that went there last Monday (January 26). It has over 5,000 soldiers' graves, all Americans, including General Patton, as you could see in the picture. It's a really cool place, that is probably equally pretty in the snow as it is in the summer.'s not gonna be super psyched about the photos this week, I'm not in very many...I'll try to do better, but I just never think about it. I prefer taking the pictures myself, and I don't really feel like my face adds much to the photos...

But anyway, this week's photos are, roughly in order, our district photo for the transfer, taken in the nursery room of the luxembourg chapel. Then we went to lunch at café belair as a district and got big burgers.

We found a patisserie that sells nutella éclairs, which are delicious.

Crossed paths with a Nissan GT-R, so snapped a photo. :)

And then the Kusselings (from Nogent) showed up at church in Lux this weekend!

To: Adam Bigler 
From: Mom
Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 7:52 AM

It's ok, I don't really want to see you anyway......
Dude! - New goal for yourself - once a day, let someone else hold your camera.

From: Adam Bigler

I'll try...


On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 7:12 AM
To: Oates Family in Luxembourg


It's Adam's mom/Elder Bigler's mom. :)  I am so glad to know that Adam has nice people in his area who watch out for him and invite him to their homes.  He just loves it there!  He was afraid he would get transferred this week.  We heard from a former missionary, who got an email from Adam, that Adam did not get transferred.  We did not get our email from him on Monday.  Apparently there was an issue with the server or something and lots of missionary families didn't get their "letters" until the next day.  We are still waiting.....and waiting....

If you happen to see him or talk to him will you let him know that his family did not get his email and that we are going a little crazy wondering if he is really still in Luxembourg or wandering around somewhere in France??  Maybe he could get back on a computer for just long enough to push the send button again.  Also if you talk to him soon, tell him his family says "hello".

Cindy Bigler

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 1:01 PM
From: The Oates Family in Luxembourg

Hi Cindy, 

Good to hear from you! 

Elder Bigler and his companion came over for dinner last Saturday and told us he was relieved to not be transferred this week. We are glad not to see him go, as well. We've really grown attached!

I also spoke to him today after getting your email and he said to reassure you that he didn't get transferred and that he can't resend the email until Monday. He says he's sorry but at least you'll get two in one day. (I told him that's not what a mom wants to hear... ha ha). 

I know this probably isn't great news. But he's keeping warm, well-fed, and happy. 

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you!


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