Monday, June 15, 2015

Week of Emotions

Hey guys!

It's weird to say, but this is the first email of my last transfer of my mission here in France. After this I only have...well, I let you figure out how many I have left. It's coming fast!

I'm honestly starting to get kind of nervous to go home. I'm not really sure why that is, but every time I talk about it, my heart kind of starts to pound, and I get pretty stressed. I guess it's just the idea of such a big change. But I'm really looking forward too it as well, so those feelings come with the same feelings of going to bed Christmas eve, or what I used to feel before I marched out onto the field to perfom a show. It's just a big mixture of emotions that I'm still trying to figure out how to describe.

L'Arc de Triomphe
Elders Kelley, Bigler, and Jenness
This week, I got to feel a lot of other emotions as I said goodbye to Elder Kelley, who's become one of my best friends. I probably didn't tell him enough in our time together, but he really was such an awesome guy to work with, and we had tons of fun together. Before we had to split up, we had just enough time to make it to the Arc de Triomphe and back, and Elder Jenness tagged along, so I got to get this nice selfie with those two awesome guys in front of that big arch. As pretty as it is, while we were standing there, I saw something that caught my eye (and ears) even more...a Lamborghini Huracan driving around the Etoile! It's pretty obvious where my preferences are. :)

After a stereotypically complicated transfer day (I've learned that they never go off without some hitch somewhere...), Elder Wickern and I got right to work. He's a lot different than Elder Kelley, a lot more goofy, but he's really going to be a good companion to finish my mission with. We both have set really good goals to make this a powerful transfer for our missions, and I feel really energized and excited for what we're going to accomplish. I really know that this can be the best transfer of my entire mission. 

Miracle of the week I just wanted to share before I have to go is that we made contact with Milan again! We had set a baptismal date up with her a few weeks ago and then she just disappeared for a while. But we called her a few days ago and she finally answered! She told us that we could come over again and that she had had her baby the week before. He's super cute! We invited her to church in the lesson and she's really excited to come this Sunday. We have another rendez-vous with her tomorrow, and if everything goes well, she could get back on track to be baptized before the end of the transfer! 

Unfortunately, I'm out of time, but just to end I wanted to tell you that I found out we'll be getting iPads, finally, on June 30th, three weeks before I go home! Woohoo! Even though I'll only have it for a little bit, I'm really excited to see how it changes missionary work.

Anyway, I gotta get going! Keep up the good work back home!
Thanks so much,
Elder Bigler

Dropping off Elder Kelley in Paris at Transfers

Adam's Birthday Party - The Package Made It

A Super Hero Themed Party

Elder Hulk and Elder America
Celebrating Adam's Birthday

An Orderly Stocked Missionary Fridge

The Center of Rennes

The Streets of Rennes

The Beautiful Spring Flowers of Rennes

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