Monday, June 29, 2015

Ups and Downs - Letter from President Babin

I'm really running out of time here, so I'll have to keep this way short, I'm sorry guys!

This week had a lot of ups and downs, like any week, but there seem to be a lot more of them as I get closer to the end of my mission. I have moments where it'll just hit me for a little bit and I won't really feel like I can do anything, but then the next minute I'll be ready to just go outside and teach everybody I see! It's pretty weird how fast it happens, but thankfully, there are a lot more moments from the second group than from the first. :) I really feel like this last transfer is and is going to be the best of my mission. My goal for these last few weeks is to really be on the right track in everything that I do so that when I come home I'll be able to just keep moving with the upward direction that I have right now. It's really such a blessing to be where I am, with the people I'm with, and to be able to feel myself growing. A lot of the time on our mission, we grow, but we don't really notice it. But through the prayer and study and just hard (often sweaty, it's getting really hot) work, I notice changes is myself more often and see that I'm really doing my part to build the momentum I need to make that transition between the mission and normal life. I'm really looking forward to these three weeks as the best three weeks of my mission.

We'll be getting iPads tomorrow, as well as teaching Milan again, the woman who just had a baby! It's gonna be a good week, for sure.

Thanks so much for the great emails you guys always send! I don't really thank you much for it, but it really is special to get so much from back home. A lot of missionaries don't get nearly as much. I'm sorry that my email this week doesn't correspond to what you guys sent to me. I'll make sure it's better next week! Thanks so much for all that you do. I love you guys so much, talk to you soon!

Elder Bigler

We Received the Following Letter from Adam's Mission President by Email this Week

Parents of Elder Adam Jacob Bigler

   Elder Adam Jacob Bigler will soon
complete his  service as a full time missionary in the France Paris Mission. His
scheduled release date will be 23 Jul 2015.

  At this time we wish to thank
you for your invaluable support of his  mission through your letters and
prayers.  We feel certain you are anticipating a joyous reunion.  Upon his 
return he  should report immediately to his  stake president in order to give an
account of his  mission, receive timely instruction, and receive his  formal

  During his  mission, Elder  Bigler  has served faithfully, has
demonstrated an extraordinary attitude, testimony, and spirit, and developed
qualities which exemplify the very best in the performance of missionary work.
He  has treated the various responsibilities he  assumed here as a sacred
trust.  By his  faith, humility and devotion to duty, often in the face of
adversity, he became an effective teacher and witness of truth.  The great
personal qualities which he  discovered and enhanced during his  mission will be
a source of strength to him  and to all with whom he associates throughout his 

 Elder Bigler  will be remembered with fondness and love by many
friends and members of the Church in France, as well as by his  missionary
companions.  His  life has been enriched by learning the French language, by
living in a foreign culture, and especially by serving others.

 It has been
our privilege to serve with him, observe his  spiritual growth, and enjoy close
association through personal interviews, and his  weekly letters and
accompanying reports.  He  is a fine young man  whom we love and for whom we
wish the very best.


Frédéric Jean

President, France Paris Mission


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