Monday, July 13, 2015

101 Emailations

So, I unfortunately forgot to mention it last week, but it was my 100th P-day, and thus my 100th email home. And even more unfortunately, that horrible title was the best pun I could think of...

We had a really good but crazy week this week!

So, to give a brief summary of the week, we saw Milan (although she still hasn't read out of the Book of Mormon... -_-), rebaptized an excommunicated member, got fruged a whole bunch of times, took Andy in his wheelchair all the way across the city and back in public transportation, met a woman who wants us to cast the devil out of her apartment, learned that my ancestors are actually French, and missed seeing the Tour de France by about 3 minutes.

Any of those stories would probably take up my entire remaining email time to type out. But in another 10 days or so I'll be able to tell you guys all about that. For now, I just want to talk about kind of the same thing that I told Président Babin today. Just how thankful I am for my time here in Rennes.

My whole mission, one of the things that's been the hardest for me, and that I don't really talk about much, is that I've felt like I haven't been living up to the potential that I have as a missionary. I've constantly battled feelings that I'm not working as hard I need to be, or that I'm not being as obedient as I need to be in order to have the spirit with me more strongly. And that's been pretty tough.

But during the last few transfers of mission here in Rennes, I feel like I've broken through that wall. I feel like, thanks to missionaries like Elder Blais, that I've been able to find my potential and reach it. That I've become an effective tool in the Lord's hands and that I now know what I need to do as a missionary. I've been able to see growth within myself, something I hadn't been able to see before. I've become more converted and more confident in myself and my Heavenly Father, and I feel now like am truly magnifying my calling of missionary in the best way that I can. I know how much I've grown, and how much more I can grow. Basically, I feel ready to go home because I know that I'm going the right direction, at the right speed, to continue these best two years of my life and turn them into the best three and four and five and more. I'm just so thankful that I was able to serve around the missionaries that I've met here and that God knew where to put me to help me the most. 

I could go on about all that for a while, but I'm gonna have to go again. As far as next week goes, missionary work goes on as usual, and transfer day is on Wednesday. The only difference is that this time I know where I'm getting transfered, home, but I won't be getting there on Wednesday. I'll be staying in Paris that night and catching my flight out the next morning. So, don't worry, next week will still be a normal P-day, but I think I'll be on a little earlier cause I member is giving us a tour of the cool parts of the city at the end of P-day. 

So, until next week!

Elder Bigler

And this quick email to follow up:

Ahh, sorry I forgot to do pictures! I get them all next week I promise!

But because the Blog needs at least one picture, here is one of my favorites from early in Adam's Mission while in Paris.

Personalized Graffiti

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