Monday, July 6, 2015

Final Zone Conference - Last Testimony

Well, once again, here I am trying to write you guys a nice letter with only 15 minutes left. No promises that it'll be any good...

We had a pretty good week overall here in Rennes. The French really love talking about weather in the first place, but with the crazy heats waves that were coming through this week, it was a big topic with almost everyone that we talked to. I don't know what 38 degrees celsius really translates to except for HOT, especially when the humidity is mixed in there. But, we made it a pretty great week anyway! (38 Degrees Celsius = 100.4 Fahrenheit.)

Monday evening was cool! Elder Kelley and Elder Faura came into town, staying the night with us for zone conference, and he and I got to do a little exchange. We went and visited Andy, the recent convert.

Adam Bearing His Dying (Final) Testimony
at Zone Conference
Tuesday was probably the day with the most action. With this being my last zone conference, I had to give my "dying testimony". They basically just have each missionary get up who's finishing their mission and give them each a few minutes to talk about what they've learned and give advice to the other missionaries there. I talked a little about obedience and how that's really the key to happiness as a missionary. It's something that I've come to really understand in my time here. Afterwards, we got our iPads! Or, I should say, iPad. Unfortunately, this past Sunday, while everyone was off to church and all that, someone broke into the mission office and stole over 100 iPads. So, currently, there are only about enough within the mission to give 1 to each companionship. So, for now, we're learning a little lesson about sharing. :) But honestly, the iPads haven't really made that much of a difference. With Facebook cancelled for the moment, we don't really do anything differently, expect maybe study a little more in depth or share videos during lessons. Anyway, after we had all the training for that, I got to take that picture with Elders Wickern, Kelley, and Jenness in it, who were all at zone conference. I think that's the highest number of companions that I've had in a photo!

Elders Wickern, Bigler, Jenness, and Kelley
Three of Adam's Companions

Later that evening, we went and taught Milan about eternal families, with Tom, who just got back from his mission a few days before that. It was a super great lesson! She was holding her baby (who, by the way, was born on my birthday!) the whole time, and the Spirit was so powerful as basically three missionaries testified to her about the blessings that she and her son will be able to see as she reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. For right now, she's struggling to find time to read it, but she'll get there eventually.

Anyway, I'm already out of time, so I'm gonna have to go. I'm sorry these letters are so short lately, I'm trying to do better, but I'll be home in just a few weeks and I can tell you all about it! Have a good week and have fun!

Elder Bigler


Selfie with the iPad at the Lake by the Missionary Apartment

Final Zone Conference - Front Row Joe

Final Testimony
Courtesy of the New iPad
(Thanks to Elder Baldwin)

Another iPad Photo of the "Dying" Testimony

This Photo Courtesy of the Mission Facebook Page
France Paris Mission Babin

iPad Panoramic View of the Lake by Adam's Apartment

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