Monday, October 14, 2013

"Ask the members, they can translate for you!" and P.S. - Good Cougar News from Home

So, this week has been wonderful! 

First off, our amis are doing awesome! Alberto, Victor, and Domingos are all committed to be baptized, but they're just waiting for their wives/girlfriends to get here from Cape Verde. They're amazing guys. We also had Stevie and Yannick at church this week. Victor wasn't there, so we had 4. It was crazy! We have a lot of people learning the Gospel right now. We also taught 9 lessons this week, which is a huge improvement for us. The work is moving forward! :)

Quickly, car highlights for the week. I saw a bright pink mini cooper. Like, one of the original ones. The color of pink that you like mom. It was great. :) It was driving, so I didn't get a picture of it... And then I also saw a Bentley this week, that was pretty sweet.

I tried pesto this week. It's good stuff. So is Ratatouille. You guys should try them. :)

Early on this week, I had a few rough days. I'm not very good at French, and I'm really not able to contribute much to the lessons at this point. I got really down on myself as I thought that I'm really doing nothing here and that my companion would be better off without me (none of which is true). It just made a couple days hard. But the other night we had committed ourselves for whatever reason to pray to know that we are children of God. As I prayed that night, I received a strong, comforting answer to my prayer. I felt that peace that it talks about in the scriptures. Now I'm doing great again! :)

I'm a little low on time, so I'll just copy from my journal for this next part.

"This was one of my favorite lessons so far! We were teaching this young couple that we just contacted at their house the other night. Andrea and Victor are their names. The trick though was that they pretty much only speak Portuguese. So a member named Frere Mourier joined us as our translator (even though we were already translating our thoughts into French from English. So three languages here). We had given them the Family Proclamation so we followed up on that and taught about families and how our message can help families. Marriage and the law of chastity came up (since they're living together and not married), which is really hard to talk about without the background of the Restoration or the Plan of Salvation, but I think we did the right thing in being bold and saying "you'll understand where we're coming from later, but yes, we will be encouraging you to get married." even through all of this, with three different languages in the room, the Spirit was present and they felt enough to invite us back. "Ask the members, they can translate for you!" is what Elder Evans said as we were leaving." 

Just a powerful experience watching the Spirit work like that, even despite all the barriers. I love you guys so much! The news about BYU is definitely gonna make things go great this week. :) Keep winning those trophies! Do your homework! It's good for you, I promise! I read the scriptures, they're even better! :) A la prochain!

Elder Bigler

P.S. Good Cougar News from Home

11 Oct 2013

Adam Jacob Bigler
American Fork, UT 84003

Dear Adam:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Brigham Young University to begin Winter 2014. Through your preparation and personal achievements, you have distinguished yourself from a very strong group of applicants. We believe you will make a positive contribution to the BYU community. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our campus to pursue your educational goals. To be eligible to continue to future semesters, you must register for and complete this semester or term.

To secure your admission, it is essential for you to read the Frequently Asked Questions located at the link below and follow the instructions in question no. 1. The FAQ will also provide you with important information regarding scholarships, housing, financial aid, etc.

We encourage you to maintain the standards outlined in the University Honor Code, and we look forward to having you on campus.

Warmest regards,

R. Kirk Strong
Director of Admission Services

Adam's parents report that a loud shout of joy was heard all the way from Paris, France!!

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