Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Family Chat and Weekly Letter

NOTE: Adam was typing his weekly letter in the afternoon in Paris instead of the morning. He happened to catch his Mom and Dad at school and work for a quick email chat. Mom and Dad were using the same email address from different sources and talking over each other :). This is a recap of that "conversation" followed by his weekly letter.

Beginning 7:29 AM Utah Time. 3:29 PM Paris Time

7:29 - Adam - Anybody on right now?

8:07 - Dad - Only now at work on my phone. You still there?
8:08 - Mom - On now...  but was making copies earlier.  Are you gone?
8:14 - Adam - Yep, I'm here! For about 45 more minutes.
8:28 - Mom - Cool!  How are ya today?
8:29 - Adam - Great! A little cold here in the church, but hot outside now that we have to wear our jackets all the time. You?
8:33 - Dad - Well, I'm here but don't want to interrupt your email work time. My early Monday meeting was canceled. Glad I got here early.  How you doing?
8:37 - Mom - A little tired from staying up late writing to my favorite missionary but good.  I forgot to tell you that dad sold the Honda.  It is still at the end of the street but I expect it will be towed away any day. Only got $250 for it.  I don't know how many euros that is??  
8:39 - Mom - Is this about your normal time to email? What else have you been doing today and what else is on you r schedule?
8:39 - Adam - Haha isn't that how it goes? We have a lot of appointments that get "cancelled" without notice, but it's life, as the french would say.
8:41 - Dad - We had our first dusting of snow last Wednesday and still cool on Saturday for band. Today looks like 70s and the same tomorrow. Nice fall temps.
8:44 - Dad - This is a split conversation now. :) I will just listen. 

1. Here I am at the Arc de Triomphe last week. :)

2. There are a lot of these little guys all over here. :) They're so small! I think MINI should make a mini MINI eventually, that's the size of the originals. :)

8:51 - Mom - Actually, I am going to have to go soon.  At school the show must always go on you know.  It's pretty amazing that we can talk to you so many miles away.  Do you guys use the internet in your missionary work yet?  I have heard that some missionaries have cel phones now.
8:52 - Mom - Did someone say something about snow?  I missed that email...

8:53 - Adam - 1. Here we are with Domingos, Victor, and Alberto after they came to conference! It was Victor's first time at the church. He's really opening up to us lately, having been kind of in the background for our previous lessons. The other two have decided for now that they want to wait until their girlfriends come here and they get married so that they can be baptized at the same time as them. And I apologize for looking so weird in this one...I didn't think it through with the both arms up thing....

2. Vandalism is everywhere in Paris (that's what happens when you have this many million people in such a little area I guess. I saw this one and just had to get a picture with it, since that's what us Bigler boys get called sometimes. It's one of my favorite pictures so far. :)

8:56 - Dad - I did earlier. Have a good week Adam!!  Love you!
8:57 - Mom - Love that picture by the Bigs artwork.  Can't wait to show that one to the brothers.
8:57 - Adam - Isn't it sweet??
8:58 - Mom - Yep.  It's sweet like you.  I am afraid I need to go.  Anything else before we say good bye??
9:01 - Adam - Nope. I have to go too. A la prochain!
9:02 - Mom - Don't know what that says, but maybe dad does. Will you be writing to us again this week?? Well, we'll hope to hear from you soon. Love you!!! :)

This is his regular weekly letter. Shortened a little by time spent chatting.

Not much time to write, so I'll go fast.

Things are going well here in France! Nothing super exciting to report this week, so I'll just jump into my list of things to write. :)

I had the opportunity to give my first priesthood blessing this week, to our district leader Elder Jones, who was feeling pretty sick. It was a powerful experience. I felt so strongly prompted as I spoke...I just don't really know how to describe it. The Spirit was so strong, at least for me, I hope it was for him as well.

I saw my second Ferrari the other day! A bright red California. Mmm! That was awesome.

But even more awesome was General Conference! I've never paid such close attention to it before, and I feel like I got so much out of it. President Uchtdorf's talk about "You can do it now" was just so great. I have a lot of notes and things to improve on from it.

Funny story of the week. We talked to a guy named Michel. He was kind of crazy. We talked for a while and to say goodbye he told us about how God had come to the Garden of Eden and said to Adam "Why are you naked?" He just laughed and walked off saying Shalom at that point...sorry, I'm out of time, otherwise I'd tell it funnier.

I tripped running up the escalator the other day. Got my first battle wounds of preaching the gospel on my ankle and hands. We were able to speak to a couple from England because we got on that train. Who knows what will happen...

How's Charlee doing by the way? I haven't heard about her in a while.

Wow, this is really disorganized. Trying to finish up quick so I can still say that I'm an obedient missionary...

French is coming along great! I'm speaking to people more, and just improving a lot.

Well, I love you all so much, sorry I didn't write a whole lot, I PROMISE I'll do better next week. Thanks for all the support! Be good!

Love, Elder Bigler

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