Monday, October 21, 2013

Being in Paris is Awesome!

Hey everybody! It's been kind of a crazy week here in Nogent/Paris/Auxerre. And having three cities on that list is a lot of why it's been crazy.

So, the day after I emailed last week, I had my OFII visit, which pretty much just means that I had a physical to finish my visa so that I could be legal in France. That was quite a busy day. I saw Sœur Hafen of dear old AF high and we talked about the band a little. I also was able to navigate myself and another elder back to St. Merri (that church I sent you pictures of) without any problems, so at the very least, I've figured out how to use the metro here. :) 

The next day was an exchange out in Auxerre, just a beautiful little town west (I think) of Paris. They have a total of 9 members in their branch, and missionary work is difficult out there. But it was a good day. We made ourselves some good old American Mexican food. :) I also got myself a SWEET journal for when I fill up this one, and a French calendar with some sweet cars on it. :) I learned a lot from Elder Jones about how to teach the Restoration (or Rétablissement for those of you learning French), how to get better at French, and the importance of writing in a journal. 

After all that, it's been a relatively normal week. We met with Yannick, who's from Cameroon, and he made us some real African food. That was awesome. (By the way an appointment is called a rendez-vous, I think I mentioned that, and for whatever reason, we [the missionaries] call a dinner appointment a mangez-vous, which, in French, is funny. Manger is to eat, but mangez-vous means eat we don't tell people that.)

Beyond that, it's been a relatively normal week. I'm practicing typing on a French keyboard this week, so I'm sorry if I mixed up any A, Q, W, Z, M, or anything. It's tricky. Also, I saw another Bentley this week. And there are sweet motorcycles everywhere here, Tyler would like it. BMW ones are kind of common. 

I'm doing well except that I slept weird a couple nights ago and my neck still hurts. Glad to hear things are going pretty well for you guys. :) Keep up the school work! And enjoy marching band, it goes by quick! Well, I've gotta go to the Eiffel Tower now. :) (Being in Paris is awesome!)

Passer une très bonne semaine!
Elder Bigler

NOTE: Some quick answers to questions from Mom and Dad about daily Mission Life.

To answer a couple of your questions (I'll be doing the ones that you and dad did the same in my other message), I haven't had my haircut yet. It needs to happen soon though... We usually do our own cooking, but the members here are awesome and love us. Plus we have a big ward of 150 ish. (Auxerre, that I visited this week, only has 9 in their branch). So we get food. :) Church is pretty much the same as home, little kids being rowdy and people being people. The only real difference is that it's in French. And the sacrament bread tastes better. I do email from the church. Internet cafés are just expensive and creepy, so we avoid them if we can. The sisters usually go to an internet café to save time (which we should've done today since we're going to the Tour Eiffel). So we pretty much have the computer to ourselves. And we try to do it early if we're gonna go visit some place or something, but I've been trying to push it back a little just in case I happen to catch you guys up.

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