Monday, January 6, 2014

Bonne nouvelle année!

Bonjour tout le monde! Sounds like you guys had a pretty ballin' week! Meeting famous Olympians and seeing a Ferrari makes for a pretty good time in my book. (The rest of the family back home went to the Short Track Speed Skating Olympic Trials and saw Apolo Anton Ohno along with other skaters and a Ferrari Testarossa on the way there.)

Unfortunately, I don't have my journal or my planner with me right now (apparently remembering things needs to be one of my resolutions...) so I'm gonna do my best to recount the week without any real notes.

Oh, and before I forget, I need some things. Sort of. Particularly, my crazy hair pictures. You can email them to me, mail me a couple prints, put them on dropbox, whatever works, just the sooner the better. Also, I would like to hear some stories from your mission Dad. :) I'm realizing that I don't really know anything about it, like where you were or what you did or how missionary work even really took place back in the discussion days. :)

So, P-day last week was way cool! There was a Pixar exhibition here in Paris, with all sorts of original art and paintings and designs and ideas from the movie productions. It was so sweet! Unfortunately, pictures were interdit (that means prohibited, everybody just kind of says it in French) so I don't have any for you from it. It was a super classy little place. It had been in New York originally, the exhibit. Just super cool. Not many people can say that they've been to a Pixar exhibition in Paris. :)

After that, we kind of had just a normal week. Not much super exciting. New Year's Eve we went to the family Angulo's for dinner, which was awesome. With new year's happening, the rule about only one équipe at a house at a time was lifted, so we had the sisters there too. Really fun night, with a really awesome, Christlike family. The mom and the kids are recent converts (2 years ish) and they're just amazing. Really cool to see how missionary work can affect people. That night, since we didn't have to wake up early, we stayed up til midnight, but we didn't really do much. Just kind of hung around in the apartment. I drew a car. Haha basically just a tranquille evening. 

The next day I slept in til like, 10:30, which felt REALLY late. We had a rendezvous with the family Lasa and had some really good African chicken there. The rest of the day was kind of normal. We hit up the Champs Elysses again, but pretty much everything was closed. And, comme d'habitude, we ended up just looking at the Tour Eiffel for like an hour. 

It's just so beautiful. Oh, I totally forgot! Before that, we did the most French thing I've done on my mission. We went to a nice little café and just ordered ourselves some hot chocolates (they're surprisingly hard to find) and just sat there in the café while it rained outside, just hanging out talking for like an hour. Pretty cool. To finish off the night we watched 17 Miracles, which is always so great.

Then came Thursday. Pretty tough to wake up that morning, but we did it. Then the usual missionary work. A couple lessons, one with Olivier, who's doing really well right now. We gave him a blessing for the new year and got to hear about some miracles he's experienced in his life.

Friday, again, kind of regular, just busy going from one thing to another. Saturday about the same, with a really awesome lesson with Yannick. We had prepared really well, had Frère Mourier there, and it was just super solid. He (Yannick) even had a couple friends over who also seemed interested. Really awesome spirit there. He seemed like he was really feeling something. Then Sunday came and went kind of regularly.

Pretty quick week, all in all.

So, as far as my resolutions go, I'm planning on trying to floss every day (we're all kind of on a flossing kick in the apartment), which can only be good. Other than that, I've got the usual eat healthy and exercise goals, but I've actually got good plans for them this year. I hope to comfortably get through the whole Book of Mormon this year. I should be finishing it up in a week or two here. It's often hard to read more than a chapter a day, trying to prepare for lessons and all that. 

Also, in Preach My Gospel, there's a chapter on Christlike attributes. I highly recommend checking it out. It talks about some really good stuff, and at the end, there's a little quiz so you can check your progress on each of them. I'm gonna be working on that this year. At the beginning of each transfer, I'll quiz myself (it's not like a quiz quiz, more like, see how good you are, internal, thoughtful sort of thing) and pick one or two of them that I'm going to be working on for that transfer. I figure by the end of the year, I'll be that much closer to Christ and be able to be that much better of a missionary.

It's gonna be a good year. This is the start of what they call my blackout year, since I'll be year for the whole thing. It's a great chance for me to really improve myself and become more who I want to be.

Until next week,
Elder Adam Bigler

P.S. Do your homework y'all! It's good for your brains and smarts or something. But seriously, it's really simple to just sit down and do it and it'll help you so much in the long run. Bon courage!

P.P.S. I got Brooke's gift, wore the tie to church on sunday. :) Also grandma's. I really like the ties she got me, I'm impressed with how well she did. :) I appreciate all the love from everybody, it goes a long way. Thanks!

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