Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Just so Rewarding to be a Missionary

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you've all had a good week. I had a great week personally, even though it was kind of just a standard missionary week. Sometimes the normal weeks are the best.

Entrance to the Louvre

Last week for P-day, as you might have heard, I went to the Louvre again, and hung out in the Apple store for a little. Crazy how fast technology gets ahead of you... It was a super fun day overall, with the all the guys from my apartment. This week, there's this huge sale EVERYWHERE that's going on, called Soldes. Basically, everywhere is selling everything for 50% off or more. Okay, not quite that crazy, but almost. So, since I need new shoes and some short sleeve white shirts for the summer, we're going to the biggest mall in Paris to find some sweet deals and some sweet new clothes. I'm probably getting a sock tie. And maybe some nice thin cut French slacks if I find a good enough deal. 

Quickly, I did hear that they called our new mission president. What do you guys know about him? We haven't heard much except that he's the bishop of the ward here in Versailles. Also, sounds like you had an awesome week with lots of spiritual experiences and all that. (Our weekend at home in our family saw a baptism of Adam's cousin Mikey Craynor, a missionary homecoming of cousin, Kalin Craynor, and his cousing David Barlow went to the temple for the first time as he prepares for his mission to Houston, Texas in a couple months.) Mikey getting baptized is awesome. Dad, I think you're right. The church says that you don't need to be baptized in his case, but if the parents wish it is definitely worth doing. It's really cool that they did. :)

Kalin Craynor, Adam, Tyler, Kevin, Brian
Kalin's Farewell January 2012
Kalin, Tyler, Kevin, Brian
Kalin's Homecoming January 2014

Tuesday was pretty much regular. Elder Alexander and I got to jam on the piano at church while we were waiting for a member to show up and we got a really sweet little song going on. We work really well together. We're good friends, similar, but different, and we're able to work off of each other's strengths. It's gonna be kind of sad for me to leave when I do, but it'll be a good new adventure. That evening, we went to the Kusseling's and had some pizza. Now, not to make you jealous or anything Dad, but it was real Italian pizza. As in, they had Italian friends staying over with them who made the pizza for us. I felt like I was living a dream as I sat there having an English conversation with Elder Alexander, French with the members, and the members were speaking Italian to their friends, all while I ate fresh, authentic Italian pizza in the suburbs of Paris. (head exploding sound) Crazy night.

Wednesday we woke up early and caught a 2 hour train to Auxerre for our exchange. Really fun exchange. I got to go inside my first French cathedral, and it was way cool. Picture (only one cause my camera died) next week. That night, we went to the Judas' house, which was super weird cause one of my teachers from the MTC is their daughter, so there we're pictures of her on the wall and stuff. Super weird circle it all made. Soeur Judas actually called up her daughter who lives in Provo and had me talk to her on the phone. One of the most awkward conversations of my life. I've pretty much completely forgotten how to talk to girls already... :) (No jokes Tyler...) We had duck wings for dinner, with some really good chicken stuff and some galette for dessert. Super good pastry stuff, with raspberries in it this time.

Thursday was Zone Conference, which was fun but not a whole lot to report. Just missionary talk about being obedient and working hard, all the usual stuff. A lot of thinking about what I want to accomplish this year as a missionary.

Friday and Saturday kind of came and went too, with the only things really standing out being that we fixed another baptismal date with Yannick. We're praying hard for him and really hoping that he'll have a break through and be able to feel the spirit more strongly in his life. Sunday was kind of normal too. Lots of French speaking at church and then just the usual missionary stuff in the evening.

So, that's about it for the week. Kind of bland, but in the best sort of way. It's just so rewarding to be a missionary, as I'm sure Kalin told you about. We see a lot, and learn a lot every day. I should be finishing up the Book of Mormon this week, which is way exciting. Keep working on the goals that you guys have set, I promise you that you will be blessed. Some of the biggest blessings come from doing the littlest things, like reading, studying, and praying. Dad, I hope you like Preach My Gospel and that you can see how big of a help it is for us as missionaries. We always talk about how useful it is for the rest of our lives too, so be looking for that stuff, not just missionary things. And sweet new hobby you've got! :) I've actually talked about that a bunch with missionaries, how you could comfortably pay for a car or something doing that. :) 

Well, I hope you all have a good week! Keep working hard, having fun and doing your homework! Just dig in hard, it's a lot easier to do it now than to make up for it later. Trust me, I know... Read your scriptures and pray a lot! Say hi to Kalin for me too. :)

à le prochain!
Elder Bigler

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