Monday, February 10, 2014

Pour le Seigneur! All of those rumors about not baptizing in France...false!

Bonjour à tous!

Just like the real outside
So, remember last week how I said I was feeling better...? I went to the doctor right after finishing up emails (Soeur Wright, our medical person in the mission wanted me to go there just to be sure), and he told me that apparently I had the beginnings of a lung infection. Now, this could be just me, but I kind of feel like the medical system here is a little paranoid, cause I felt like I was at the end stages of a cold, not the beginning of pneumonia or something. But whatever, he's a doctor I suppose. So we went to the pharmacy on the way home from there and got me my stack of meds. It was kind of a lot of stuff. Then when we called Soeur Wright back to tell her how things went, she gave me the bad news. I would have to stay inside the apartment for the next EIGHT DAYS. Can you believe that??? I pretty much felt perfectly fine except for the occasional cough, and I get told I have to stay inside for a week, taking all sorts of weird French medicine.

Not fun.

Celebrating the 6 Month Mark with Dinner Out
But, I put up with it. I have to admit though, I wasn't completely obedient to this particular bit of council... This Friday was my 6 month mark, and it's a tradition in the mission for your comp to buy you a fancy meal on that day, so of course I had to leave to go do that! :) I realized though that it was probably pretty good that I stayed inside this week though, cause I was coughing quite a bit on the walk there. It's super windy here, pretty much all the time, and that doesn't do good things to my throat right now. So, in the end, I guess it was probably good for me to stay in for the week. I was able to study a TON of French, a lot of scriptures, watch a bunch of good movies (all church ones, don't worry), and get caught up on some much needed sleep. So, it was okay week. And, somehow, we were still able to pull a baptism out of it!

Elder Perez, David, and Elder Bigler
That's right, our ami David was baptized on Friday night and confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting! Elder Perez did the baptism. Our bishop was David's first choice, but he wasn't available. We usually try to have members do that, cause missionaries leave all too fast, and we don't want new converts doing the same because the missionaries left. It was a nice little service, and David was really able to feel the Spirit. He's been being taught for a long time, and been so close to being baptized for a while. It was a really cool experience to help him make the last couple steps towards baptism, but honestly, I feel like I really didn't do much. I guess that's how it works though. The Lord prepares people, and we just kind of show up and do our job. :)

Side note, all of those rumors about not baptizing in France...false. Just to put those to rest, we're currently setting records in our mission. Breaking records in one of the oldest mission fields in the world. As Président Poznanski said to us my first day here "This is a baptizing mission." That's all. 

So, other than the baptism, it was a pretty dull week. I'm allowed to go back to work on Wednesday finally. I'm so crammed full of energy now, I just can't wait to get out. 

I'll be uploading a few pictures and a video of the "baptism dance" as Elder Bouquet calls it. It's apparently his little tradition, but we all did it anyway. Sorry if we look crazy... 

Well, that's all for this week. I'm gonna try a new thing where I print out your letters (Mom and Dad) and reply to any questions or anything you have in them through letters. So I haven't read them yet for this week. I'll do last week's too.

Have tons of fun this week!

Elder Bigler

P.S. Only 18 months left!

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