Monday, February 3, 2014

Return to Paris - Mission Conference with Elder Kearon of the Seventy


Glad to hear that everything is going well back at home with the boys. As I tell people here in France all the time, it can get pretty crazy with all of them running around. It's good when they're being good. :)

Mom, I hope things go better for you this week. It drives me crazy when people are less mature than they should be.

Anyway, it was a pretty good week. We had a conference with Elder Kearon of the Seventy in Paris on Wednesday. So, for us Nordic France missionaries, that means leaving here Tuesday night on an hour and a half long train to Lille, staying there for the night, waking up at 6 the next morning to catch our train at 7 for an hour to the North part of Paris, catching another train there for an hour, then another short train to finally get to Versailles (the part of Paris when the temple is gonna be built) to make it on time for our conference. Then we do it all again backwards to finally get back to our secteur Thursday morning around 11. Super crazy and tiring trip, to say the least.

Half of the Paris France Mission at a Conference with Elder Kearon of the Seventy

So, Elder Kearon is super sweet! One of my favorite of the 70 for sure. He's a british guy, and he's just super spiritual. Very...thoughtful, I would say, reflective. He thinks a lot about what he says, what we say, and how he feels and we should feel. Really cool stuff. The main thing I got out of the conference was that if I want to really come out of this mission experience a better person, I need to proactively try for that. And that's what I'm doing.

Adam with Elder Evans on the Left
I also got the chance to talk to Elder Evans again, since he was there, and he seems good. He complemented my French progress, which was pretty cool. I also got to hang out with Elder Alexander a bit too. I miss that guy, and he kind of sounds like he misses me. The whole apartment misses me apparently. :) I had some fun times there.

Adam with Elder Alexander

But anyway, that's all just missionary social life, it's weird. After the conference, probably due to all the transport and lack of sleep and stuff, I ended up getting a pretty nasty cold. So...I can pretty much summarize the rest of the week by saying that I spent it in the apartment. We watched some movies and read a bunch and slept a bunch too. Basically, it was just kind of not fun. But I'm feeling a lot better now, and I was able to actually get out of bed this morning and exercise a little bit. So, don't worry mom, I'm okay. :)

Meet and Greet Time at the Conference
That's pretty much it for this week. It was pretty crowded. I drank an entire liter of grapefruit juice on a dare from the Zone Leaders...don't worry, it was pretty easy, I like that stuff. I'm gonna be working a lot on my French these next few weeks as I speak only French outside of the apartment with Elder Perez. That'll help a ton. Hm...anything else? I hope Tyler keeps enjoying his job and remembers that I'm super jealous. I could go for some Café Rio so bad... Kevin, keep rocking the sax. People think it's sweet. ;) And Brian, well, if you run out of books in the world to read, you can just read this letter. :) Thanks so much for all you do for me guys, I really appreciate it. And thanks Dad for keeping everybody under control, or at least doing your best to, it's a pretty hard job you've been assigned. :) Keep loving Mom. :)

Until next week ma chère famille!
Elder Bigler

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