Monday, February 17, 2014

You've been Zuked!

Coucou la famille! (They say that in French, I'm not just being weird. It means "hey" basically)

The weeks just seem to be flying by lately. I swear I was just writing last week's letter to you guys. They say that the first year of your mission goes by slowly and the second year is super fast. If that's the case, and this is what "slow" feels like, next year is gonna be crazy.

As fast as it's going though, it's also kind of hit the point of being mundane. I wouldn't really say I'm discouraged, I mean we still see results of our work, and we're seeing a lot out here, I'd probably just say that I've kind of fallen into a groove. I've been doing this for six months now, and it all kind of starts to feel the same. Honestly, sometimes I really struggle to figure out what to write to you guys, because what I say is pretty much the same as the last week. Although, this week had it's own little exciting moments, I'll get to in a minute.

So, the week (after I wrote to you) started off with Tuesday, my last day technically stuck in the apartment. But...I would've had to miss another district meeting if that was the case. So, I went to district meeting. :) It was pretty good, really nice to see other missionaries after a few weeks of just us Calais elders. Elder Perez taught about how to be happy, and it was really good for our district. The other Calais équipe has been having difficulties getting along, and one of the sister missionaries had to go home for medical reasons, so her companion is kind of left alone for the rest of the transfer (or put into a trio I think). He's really a good district leader.

The Now Famous MTC Zucchini in Its Original Form
At the meeting I also learned something CRAZY. So, remember that zucchini you guys sent me while I was at the MTC? IT'S STILL THERE. Yeah. Apparently, the French elder I gave it to (who is actually from the Lille ward, crazy right? ) was a Zone Leader at the time. (Lille is the Zone "Capital City" where Adam is serving.) And when they changed Zone Leaders (that happens every 3 weeks or so there), he passed it down to the next ones. And they've been doing that since. According to an elder in our zone who just got here, it's getting kind of wrinkly and squishy, but it's still mostly firm on the outside. Hahaha isn't that crazy? It's like we have a legacy at the MTC. :) One that hopefully doesn't last too much longer, but still. :) I just thought you guys would get a kick out of that. You have officially zuked the entire French speaking part of the MTC for the last six months. Well done. :) So anyway, I was on an exchange for the rest of Tuesday, but stuck in the apartment.

Wednesday, Elder Perez wasn't feeling well so we didn't really get much done except for a quick run to the beach in the morning before he got kind of sick. It was cool, I think, except at 6:45 AM, it's still just a little dark, so I mostly just saw black. :) But it was cool.

Thursday we had our rendez-vous with our super awesome ami Isabelle. She's probably going to have read the entire Book of Mormon before her baptism. We practically finished up teaching her the commandments this week, sauf (except) "Follow the prophet". Basically, she's just super, super prepared, all we're doing is explaining what we believe and then leaving her to pray about it. She's super close to the Spirit, and she always knows the answer right away. Also, it looks like I may be doing the confirmation, which is a little bit scary for me, mostly cause it's in French...

Friday was pretty busy with our DMP meeting and Ward Council. Ward Council was cool, since it was the first one I've been to on my mission (sick for the last one, and Nogent wasn't too into inviting the missionaries to theirs...). Cool, but also kind of frustrating. As I'm sure happens a lot, they would bring up problems or difficulties, people would throw out how they felt about the difficulties, and then, where you think they would discuss how to fix or solve the difficulties, they would just kind of move on... Something we can work on for the ward, I suppose. They're a super awesome ward though, and the bishop is GREAT.

Saturday, we had a mangez-vous with the Requillart's in Boulognes, the first city proselyted in France. SUPER good food, almost just like home. :) By the time we got back from all that, it was kind of late in the after noon and we took my suit to a member to have her hem it for me. She measured me all out and I left it with her and (maybe mistakenly cause I really want to wear it) told her I didn't need it anytime soon.

Sunday was kind of just a usual Sunday, not much special to report. I got put in charge of translating church for our American member, and I think I got about...30% of it for him, if I round up. :) The night ended kind of quietly, we had to take our dinner late.

Kind of quick week, without a whole lot to report. Plus, I'm basically out of time. P-day goes super fast! I love you all and I hope you have a good week. Tyler, happy birthday! Make it the best year yet. :)

A la prochaine! :)

Elder Bigler

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