Monday, March 31, 2014


Well, (I think I always start my letters off with that) it was another kind of regular week. The highlights were great, but even as highlights, still kind of regular, if that makes sense. 

Monday ended kind of regularly, with some porting.

Tuesday was pretty busy between trying to finish our paper for the bible study class and our DMP meeting, a lesson with Mehdi, and a lesson with David, two of our recent converts. Frère Peron likes to take the lessons a little slower and longer than we usually do as missionaries (it's our mission goal to keep lessons to a half hour), so it ended up being a lot of teaching.

Wednesday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Tidwell. We had kind of a regular day right up until the end when we were porting and came across a really awesome, nice Catholic lady. (I have no idea how to spell her name...) It was a really inspired contact, as I was able to offer her a card at what I thought was going to be the end, which touched her, then Elder Tidwell asked if we could pray with her before going, which really touched her as well. At this point, where we were going to say goodbye, she decided to let us in! We were able to teach a kind of awkward standing up lesson in her kitchen, where we able to teach about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Restoration. The Spirit was so strong as she talked about her kids who she worries about and we were able to testify of eternal families and how much God loves us. It was a really cool experience for both of us. 

The next day was pretty crazy too between our awesome district meeting, having the Zone Leaders over, the burrito fête after (easily the best one of my mission), and then right after that, meeting Louis and his wife and son at our church! They were super awesome, almost too awesome. At the beginning, with the way he talked, I even thought he was a member... But nope, he just knows a lot about our church and really wants to, as he said it, "get back on the path to baptism". His wife doesn't speak much French yet, so she asked me to speak English a few times, which was really odd for me. I hadn't heard myself bear my testimony in English since I got here, and I sounded totally different than I remembered. And when I gave the closing prayer at the end, only the second prayer I've given in English since I got to France, I honestly struggled a little to stay in English once or twice. It was an awesome evening with them all around, being able to testify to and meet new people who are truly interested. Their son even asked (in Russian) at the end if we could go home with them to play Legos. :)

Friday was a usual Friday, taken up a lot by weekly planning and then ward council that night. Kind of a longer one where we talked a lot about our recent converts and what we can do for them. Our Bishop here is SO awesome, he's helping us accomplish our goal of getting a soirée familiale with members every night the week leading up to Easter. It's gonna be super cool. :)

Saturday and Sunday were pretty regular with church and all that, but with Elder Tidwell a little sick, we've been going on some random exchanges and stuff. I wanted to let Elder Perry have the chance to teach a little more, so I let him go to the other lessons the other équipe had planned. Also, somehow, we got volunteered into a ward choir that includes the missionaries and 3 sisters... It's pretty interesting.

I was able to really feel the Spirit at church yesterday, which, surprising at it may be, doesn't happen a ton as missionaries. Church usually ends up being pretty crazy for us, not leaving much time to focus in on the foreign language enough to feel the Spirit. But when Isabelle got up to bear her testimony and said that when she recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost, she felt such a strong, reassuring warmth in her heart, I was felt such a strong confirmation in my heart that this work is true, and that it does change lives, as she testified.

I hope everything goes well again for you guys this week! Keep up the hard work and don't eat too much Easter candy. :)

Elder Bigler

Another Wonderful Song from the Missionaries as they Waited for Elder Christofferson.

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