Monday, March 24, 2014

Long, slow week

Elder Bigler in Brussels, Belgium

It feels like it's been forever since I've written anything to you guys! And it kind of has. Unfortunately, P-day got cut kind of short last week, but it was all for good stuff! We caught a train early Monday evening to Lille, and then a TGV to Bruxelles, Belgique a little after. It's crazy how much different your world can get here with just a 40 minute train ride. Suddenly people start reading English newspapers again, and speaking English, something I haven't really heard on the street in 6 months or so, then a few minutes later, half of the advertisements you see are in Dutch with everybody speaking French again. It really throws your brain for a loop. But anyway, once we finally got to Belgium and met up with the Zone Leaders there, we headed off to their apartment, which was HUGE. They've basically got it made up there. 

Elder and Sister Christofferson with the
Belgium and Lille, France Zones

So, the next morning we all got up and out the door pretty quick to go meet and hear from Elder Christofferson! Right after we got to the church, we got all set up in that nice arrangement I'm sure you already saw on facebook, and then sang for quite a while until he showed up. (See the links below to hear the missionaries singing as they waited for him to arrive.)

The Missionaries Waiting to Shake Hands
with Elder and Sister Christofferson

Right after the picture, we all had a chance to shake his hand (I didn't tell him I was from American Fork, but when his wife asked me where I was from, I said American Fork, and she said "Oh, did you know that my husband is from there?" to which I said, "Actually, I did" and we both kind of laughed. :) He did mainly a question and answer session with us, which was pretty cool. I didn't have anything specific in my head, so I let other people ask the questions. The general idea that I got out of the whole thing was to just be more active in improving myself. It was really spiritual, and he's really tuned into the Spirit. 

Q & A Session with Elder and Sister Christofferson

Even a couple times, people would ask a question and he would go "what you really want to ask by that is..." and just like, dig into what they really meant. It was really cool, that's pretty much all I can say to summarize it. Unfortunately, afterward to catch our train, we didn't even have enough time to buy a sandwich or waffles, so we left Belgium without tasting of it's delicious food...  But, ça va, it's alright. By the time we got home, it was super rainy and we were all tired so we just took the rest of our P-day time right then, and I wasn't able to get back and email. Sorry about that...

The next day, things just went back to normal. The only unusual thing about Wednesday was that we went with the other Elders to give a blessing to their ami, who was feeling pretty sick. She has a baptismal date coming up on the 5th of April. :)

The rest of the week pretty much went normally, aside from taking some time to plan a scripture study class that we're going to do at our church as a way to hopefully find some new people to teach. Calais has kind of flatlined at the moment, although we got a referral from the Church this week about a guy named Louis who we're going to visit this week. 

The Beach of Calais

Saturday I was on an exchange with Elder Baldwin, Elder Tidwell's companion, and we got to see some sweet sights around Calais, which is what most of the pictures I uploaded are of. Don't worry, I didn't go on a boat, just a really long pier. The ocean is super sweet!  Also, we've had some crazy fog lately, that I got a couple pictures of, and we started March Madness brackets in our apartment. :) Elder Tidwell's dad is sending him the results every week, and there's a jumbo Kinder Surprise on the line for the winner. Just kind of a fun little thing to take up a little more space on our wall. :) (See Photos Below.)

Beyond all that, life's pretty much going normally here in Calais. It's finally getting a bit warmer, and it really hasn't rained much at all in the last few weeks ( we like to say that Elder Perry brought the sun with him from Tahiti). 

Thanks so much for the letters! I really appreciate them. :)

Have a good week! 
Elder Bigler

P.S. No real advice for Brian's talk, but a good testimony is always good. Nephi has really good scriptures on Christ too, if that helps. Some of my favorites in there.

Additional Photos and Links to the Missionaries Singing while Waiting for
Elder Christofferson

Calais in the Fog

Adam with his March Madness Brackets on the Wall
Not going well?

P-day Bowling

Foggy Calais at Night

Waiting for Elder and Sister Christofferson to Arrive

Waiting to Shake Hands with
Elder and Sister Christofferson
(Adam's Companion, Elder Perry, is on Adam's Left)

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