Monday, July 28, 2014

Food, Teaching, Rain, Teaching, Golf, and Teaching

Once again, kind of short on time. The schedule so far with Elder Lloyd is pretty fast paced. But I like it, we have lots of fun and do some good work. :)

Since I last wrote, we got rained on really hard, went golfing, ate with some members, spoke a lot of French, Elder Lloyd got pooped on by a seagull, I spent a long time looking for shoes and not buying any, and somewhere in between all of that we taught a few people. ;) Okay, okay, we were pretty much focused on the teaching part. :)

Tuesday was a pretty full day between our lesson with Thierry at the church, meeting up with and going to pass by some old amis with Frère Moulis, and our Soirée Familiale at the church. Nothing super exciting, but it's always a spiritual experience working with Frère Moulis.

Wednesday started off with our usual morning run and studies and then District Meeting! Always a fun time, a good to just see and talk to other missionaries. We started our exchange with the Elders of Brest right after, and I was with Elder Karl this time. Just like last time, it was a pretty unique exchange. That guy just attracts weird stuff, I swear. :) I won't go into too many of the details, but it was just a really fun time, and we were able to find someone on the street to teach, who actually called us over to talk!

Caught in a Heavy Rain Without an Umbrella
Thursday we finished up the exchange and ended up going on the continual hunt for old amis and getting caught in a nice big storm. We got soaked through in about 5 minutes, mais ce n'était pas grave (but it did not matter), it was super hot that day anyway. :) It was getting up to about 95° this week, with the usual 90% humidity going on. PRETTY hot...

Friday we ended up having a rendez-vous where we helped a family kind of rearrange some furniture and then taught their daughter (who's not baptized) the guitar a little bit (Elder Lloyd plays really well) and gave her a little spiritual thought too. We feel like there's a lot of potential with her. Then after that we had another meeting with Frère Moulis where we went and taught Chantal, which went really well. He definitely can teach pretty well, Frère Moulis. After we finished up our visit, he invited us over for dinner (which his wife didn't expect, but she was really cool about it). They have a little girl living there, their niece, who is fluent in English and French at age 10. So crazy! Talking to her was super weird. And kind of makes one jealous...

Saturday, we visited the Brazilian family again and the mom gave us pedicures. Yep.

Sunday was a really good day at church, but really long and complicated to explain and I don't have that much time. The highlight for me was after church when this 91 year old sister in our ward from Boulogne-sur-Mer (yep, like the one I went to when I was living in Calais) showed me a letter written to her by Peggy Smith, a descendant of Hyrum Smith! That was super cool, and spiritual to read. After all the craziness of church finished up (it's hard to explain how crazy church is as a missionary), we ended up heading out to visit Sabrina for a little bit, and her son who hasn't been baptized. We're definitely gonna be working more there. :)

Golfing in France
Today we were invited to go to the driving range with Frère Moulis, and he took us out to KFC after (which I like better here in France, surprisingly enough). Super fun but, Dad, we've gotta go to the driving range when I get back because I'm TERRIBLE. Putting though, Mom, all those years of mini-golf paid off. :) Anyway, I probably need to get going...

Thanks for the support guys and all the love from home!

Elder Bigler

All in all, crazy week, but becoming kind of a normal one with Elder Lloyd. :) We sweated a ton this week, and are probably going to sweat some more this one. 

More Rain and Golf

Elder Lloyd Trying to Escape from the Rain

Adam Lining Up the Putt

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