Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday is Monday This Week

Elder Bigler and Elder Lloyd
Hey family!

So, first things first, sorry that it's got a little crazy on Monday, and we were in Rennes and then Brest yesterday. So, I'm gonna have to keep this one pretty short.

The reason I wasn't able to email on Monday was because some members invited us on a hike which ended up taking much longer than we had anticipated. It was super fun though! That's where a lot of the pictures this week came from.

Beyond that, we had a pretty crazy week, but a pretty fun one too. :) Elder Lloyd, my new coll├Ęgue, is from the East Coast, kind of just all over. As you can see from the photos, yep, he's black. And just tons of fun! He likes talking to people like no one I've ever met before, and we just have gotten along really well right from the start. We had a really good week of work, finding and teaching. He has his own unique way of doing things, but it works for him and I'm going to learn a lot with him. He gets along really well with people, specifically the members, and we've already been setting new things up with them.

Adam, Elder Lloyd, and the Brest Elders including
AF High Elder Stucki
Just to quickly share a story, our fist night together we were out contacting and hadn't had much success. We thought it would be a good idea to say a prayer. We saw a bench a little ways off and thought we'd sit there to say it, when a woman came walking towards us from the other direction. We said "well...we should probably talk to her and then pray." So, we did. But, sometimes, maybe the fact that we're willing to pray for God's help brings blessings. Because, this woman, named Anne, ended up sitting down with us on that bench and telling us all about how she had been to our church before and how she loved the "spirit" she felt there (interesting choice of words Anne... :) ). We taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation and left her with a prayer. Like I said, sometimes our heart just has to be in the right place for God to bless us. :)

The photo of us four missionaries is us with the Brest Elders earlier today. Elder Stucki, the one in the middle, is our new district leader and from dear ol' AF high! We even were in the same French class way back then. :) We had some good times talking about American Fork.

Well, I'd better get going. Sorry it's so short this week, I'll get some good stuff next time. :)

Love you all!

Additional Photos of Lorient and Hiking

Hiking Scenery

Adam Found a Store for His Mom
"I Am a Princess!"

A MINI Cooper and a Mini MINI Cooper
with Elder Lloyd

Fishing Prohibited
Do you think the bird can read?

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