Monday, July 21, 2014

"It was just a super awesome day"

Adam Relaxing by the Waters of Lorient

So, here I am, back again, typing up another summary of my week. Sometimes it feels like the weeks are just dreams and that I really come here everyday to type them up. It all happens so fast!

Well, I got you guys up to the point of Wednesday, so I'll start on Thursday, which was super awesome! We had decided to do some "passbacks" as we call them and go visit some old amis who we thought had a lot of potential. We started out here in Lorient, with a woman named Suzanne, who is actually a member, but kind of trying to be Catholic at the same time. It's a tricky situation. We went to her family's apartment, not knowing if they'd be there or not, but they were! She opened the door and immediately invited us in, offering us a glass of water (it was a REALLY hot day). Right after she said "Actually, we're about to eat lunch, do you want to eat with us?" to which we replied YES. Her whole family, her, her husband, her two daughters, and her sister, joined us and just kept giving us more and more food. Eventually, we finished, and she asked us if we wanted to share a scripture. We had a prayer and started sharing scriptures from the Book of Mormon and Bible. After a couple minutes she told us that she wanted her sister (who had left the room) to join us. We then started teaching her, who had never met with the missionaries before. Super cool little experience for us, and we're going to keep teaching her little by little too. After that, we went to another old ami's house and she was busy, but gave us water anyway. Then we went to ANOTHER old ami's house and she let us in too! It was just a super awesome day. By the time all that ended, it was pretty much the end of the day, and we hadn't even been back to the apartment once. Whew.

Friday, kind of the same thing, but with less heat and less people letting us in. Still a really good, hard work filled day. And we spoke French together pretty much all day, Elder Lloyd and I.

Saturday we went back to one of the amis that we visited on Thursday, Chantal, and had a nice long talk with her about baptism and why she hadn't been baptised yet. We even asked her to be baptized right then, but she didn't quite feel ready. We'll keep trying though. :)
The Canal in Lorient

Sunday was, obviously, church. I had been asked to give a talk two weeks in advance, but I kind of forgot about it and ended up trying to prepare it the night before (some things never change huh?). That didn't really work out, so I wrote down some notes in about a half hour right before church. And, thanks to the blessings of being a missionary and the gift of tongues, I was able to give a ten minute talk! It was really cool for me, mostly just cause that's something that I wouldn't have been able to do before my mission, even in English. I helped me to see how much I've grown, something I don't really notice very often. After all of that, we finished up the day with some basic contacting and porting.

Kind of a basic week overall, and a pretty busy one too! Tons of fun with Elder Lloyd, and lots of hard work. We've been waking up everyday and going running, eating a well balanced diet, and just living it up while still being obedient missionaries. It's the life. :)

Have a good week everyone! Try to learn some cool chinese stuff while you have the chance!

Elder Bigler
The Sunset View from the Apartment

Frenchism: When you're in a place such as a doctor's office waiting room, it's common courtesy to greet and say goodbye to everyone who comes in or leaves.

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