Monday, September 9, 2013

T-minus 7 Days

Bonjour, je t'aime! Haha I've been making friends with some Tahitian Elders this week (only speaking French, isn't that cool???) and that's how we greet each other. :)

First things first, I forgot to write last week that our Canadian Elder pronounces "about" as "aboat". So, yeah, Canadians really do talk like that. :) I just had to get that out of the way so I was sure I'd remember it. :)

It's been a good week! Unfortunately, I got some food on a tie two days in a row (That's a big deal as a missionary), but hopefully it'll come out at the dry cleaner's. Other than that, just a regular week. My companion may have gotten a concussion playing soccer. We leave soon. It's really hard to gather all my thoughts into an email like this. 

I have a couple little stories from this week I thought you guys would like. First off, learning languages is really cool. For example, in French, almost all emotions are reflexive, meaning the way you say them shows that you do them to yourself. So, in French, other people don't make you angry, other people don't make you sad. Your emotions are all on you, so choose to be happy! :) 
Also, there are two verbs for "to feel" in French. Sentir (pronounced sawnteer) and ressentir. Sentir is kind of like saying you sense something, while ressentir is literally physically feeling something. And that's the verb you use for feeling the Spirit. It's a physical feeling, a real feeling. Just some cool stuff I found this week.

Yes Mom, I do need a haircut. I'm getting one on Wednesday, don't worry. :) I've got a lot of things to do before Monday. We leave in one week! Is that crazy?? It's a 10 hour flight straight from Salt Lake City to Paris, although we'll get there 18 hours later because of the time change (that means the flight home will only have a two hour difference!). I've been assigned to be the Travel Leader, for some crazy reason. I'll be in charge of making sure that 19 missionaries get to Paris without any problems, and I barely even know how to make my way around an airport! The Lord really likes to stretch us...but don't worry, I'll be able to figure it out. :) Our flight leaves around 5, and it looks like I'll be able to call and talk to you a little before then. Around 4 maybe, give or take some time. I know that's a pretty tricky time for you guys with band, meetings, and work, but hopefully I can get through to one of you at least...

We have a couple of French Elders in our building right now, and they're pretty funny, although maybe a little overly patriotic. Being not from around here, one Elder told one of them that we dip our Oreos in water in America, so he spent the next ten minutes at the drinking fountain watering his Oreos before eating them. It was really funny until I realized that in just a week, that will probably be me. I'm excited to be a foreigner though, in a weird way. It'll be a great learning and growing experience for me, as will the rest of this. 

French has come along pretty well, although not quite as much improvement this week as I had hoped. By Friday, possibly sooner, my companion and I will be speaking only in French. I'm trying to set some good goals to be able to get a lot done this week so I can be as ready as possible to immerse myself in French. 

I hope Tyler's dance situation worked out alright. It sounds much more stressful than any of mine... And thanks for the writing utensils and stuff (although, that box of colored pencils wasn't exactly new like the other stuff, I was a little confused). It'll be very useful. :)

Just a couple other administrative things, I'd kind of like if you guys would tell me my balance on my debit card occasionally. I'm trying to keep track of it, but I don't want to accidentally get off and have some sort of issue, so I thought that would be kind of nice. And also maybe you could tell the bank that I'm going to France next week (if you haven't already), just so they don't shut down my card...

Also, I know a secret, but I'm gonna tell you guys. :) At the General Relief Society broadcast in a few weeks, the choir will be all sister missionaries from the MTC. Isn't that sweet?? The sisters sure were excited about that.

I was reading Alma 31 today, and I can't remember exactly why, but I thought you might like verses 30-38 Mom. It was about missionary work and being strengthed I think. Just know that you don't need to worrry about me. :)

I was also wondering if you could send me a few things before I leave (so the sooner the better). I'd like at least one of my Rubik's cubes (the gray one, and maybe my 4x4), the pocket watch Tyler gave me (it should be in my desk drawer), my other watch (which should be on my dresser), some Tide to-go stain stick stuff, and then maybe a couple of my Ferraris. Preferably the California, an Enzo (maybe one of those tiny ones in the case, or one of the regular size ones), the FXX, maybe my Fiorano with the wheels similar to the California. And my Stingray. Tyler can help you figure all that out if you need help. :) Also, I'd really like the recipe for that sauce we put on the ribs. And my pants. :) Oh, and maybe another shirt or two (Batman, if it's not gross, and maybe my bluish whitish striped vneck), and maybe another one of my pairs of jeans. 

Well, I think that's about it for this week. Next week might be really short just so you know, I'll be a little bit rushed. But two weeks from now, I'm sure I'll have a TON to say. So keep watching the inbox. :) If you have any questions about any of this, get them to me as soon as you can and I'll try to write you back as soon as I can so we can work it out. 

Thanks for all the support and all the snacks (those Hi-chew things are so good, and the zucchini bread was too, considering that I didn't get it until Thursday night because they were closed all the time)! They're appreciated as you can tell from the pictures. :) 

Adam photobombing his own photo. All the Elders in his District enjoying the treats from home.

I'm working hard and learning a lot every day. I'm a little scared for what lies ahead as I travel over 5,000 miles away to France, but I'm super excited too. I have so much to look forward to, and so much to learn. I love you guys so much! Keep up the good work. Make sure you brothers do your homework and love each other. Hebrews 13:1 is a good one for that, I think. Thanks for all you guys do for me. I'm so thankful for all the support. Talk to you again soon!

Elder Bigler

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