Monday, September 2, 2013

Two More Weeks - September 2, 2013

The time sure flies here! Just over two weeks and I'll be flying over the Atlantic ocean on my way to Paris! I'm starting to get a little nervous and anxious. It's such a big deal, and I don't really know how well I know the language, and I just want to be able to teach with the Spirit so that people will listen to the message I have to share. It's a lot of pressure, but I feel like I'm working hard enough to receive the promised blessings.

I was assigned to be the district leader yesterday, for our notoriously rowdy district. It's quite a responsibility that I've been given, and I hope that I can do enough for these Elders, who are all my friends now. We only have a couple weeks and a couple of them can hardly speak any French yet. But if we can learn to focus as a district, I'm sure they'll be blessed and learn what they need to.

I'd like to hear from some other people too! Not that you guys aren't interesting, but I love hearing from people, so don't hesitate to tell people that I'm super lonely or whatever works. :)

We were fortunate enough to hear from Elder Anderson this last Tuesday. It sounds like you're pretty lucky to even hear from one apostle here in the MTC during your stay, and we've been lucky enough to hear from two! He gave a great message about missionary work and how we "sacrifice for the things we love and we love the things we sacrifice for." There's a lot to think about in that one sentence. What our desires are, what we sacrifice for, why I'm on a mission. It's a big question.

I've been trying to write in my journal every night, but some nights I'm just too tired. It's a busy life we have here. I'm still working on my reply to Dad's letter (both of them now), but I'll get it out as soon as I can. And I'll attach my picture answering your questions with this email.

I wish I had more to say, but I'd mostly just be repeating what I said last week. I'm better at French now, I feel like I've learned more about the Gospel, and I'm a little more awake in the mornings. Still only about a pound or two heavier than when I got here (my companion has gained 10 trying to eat healthy...) I'm just blessed I guess. :) (Elder Kwang, from Singapore, was in the military there and we do training and stuff for gym time instead of just playing volleyball or whatever. I think that helps. And I only drink water.) 

AFHS Friends in the MTC
Elders Jonathan Gau, Trenton Kirkham, me, and Bryce Dawson
All Going to Japan
Anyway, I'll let you know if I think of anything I need and all that, but I think I'm good for now. And sorry if there are any mistakes in here. My English feels like it's suffering a little lately. I've been trying to speak French as much as possible, and when I go back to English I start to say things weird. It's rough. But fun. I heard from Elder Carson Hatch this week, he seems to be doing well. And I've seen a few of my friends around, as you can see in my pictures. I talked to Elder Ethan West for a minute the other day. He leaves tomorrow I believe.

Keep working hard everybody! I know school is rough, especially during marching band season, but it all pays off in the end. Keep reading and being a genius Brian. Don't let yourself go blind from reading too much though... Keeping marching on Kevin (there's a song by OneRepublic called that, check it out), keep taking nice girls on dates Tyler (notice how there's an S on girls). Keep helping those kids start out right Mom. :) They love you almost as much as I do. (Oh, side note. This week on Wednesday we watched the new missionaries come and the parents cry for a few minutes. It was great. Such positive crying going on at that drop off place. :) ) And Dad keep being our wonderful father. :) I love you all so much, and I hope you don't miss me too much. 

A plus tard!

Elder Bigler

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